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Scenic Express

1.5 Hour Tour

This tour is perfect for the traveler who is here for the first time and wants to see the most famous and spectacular sites in the Valley. Visit the Mittens, Elephant Butte, the popular filming location…

Backcountry Area

2.5 Hour Full Valley Tour

Did you know that Monument Valley also has arches, windows, and ancient Anasazi petroglyphs? Get the full scenic experience in the Restricted area with visits to the Big Indian, Sleeping Dragon, and all the arches…

History and Culture

3.5 Hour Cultural Tour

This tour is for the traveler who wants a complete experience at a leisurely pace. Learn about filming history, Navajo culture, and get more stops in the Backcountry area on this tour. This is highly recommended…

Mystery Valley

3.5 Hour Tour

Mystery Valley is another area of the Navajo Tribal Park that is rarely visited and unique. Visit several Anasazi ruins, petroglyphs, and pictographs situated near natural arches and in the box canyons.

Monument & Mystery Valley

7 Hour All Day Tour

This tour is a 3.5 hour tour of Monument Valley and another 3.5 hours in Mystery Valley. Perfect for the traveler who is in the area for 2 days or more. Lunch is provided after the Monument Valley tour…

Sunrise Tour

3.5 Hour Tour

This tour is for the photographer or those who want a special experience with the perfect lighting of Monument Valley. Times vary through the year so please contact us for departure times on our sunrise tours.