Our Homeland

Our Homeland

Have you ever heard one of those enchanting stories of the Native Americans? We have, and we can share them with you. Let us be the ones that take you on an unforgettable trek through the authentic homelands & beautifully majestic Monument Valley. Monument Valley is the home of the Folding Arms Clan. We grew up learning all of Mother Nature’s secrets within the valley. We are one of two tour companies that reside in the valley.

In 1938, John Ford and John Wayne made “Stagecoach,” the movie that first brought Monument Valley to the attention of the film and tourist industries. Since then, Monument Valley has been a favorite for photographers and filmmakers.

The impressive sandstone formations: buttes, spires, and towers – the geological monuments that gave Monument Valley its name – are the result of centuries and millennia of erosion and uplift. Red sandstone cliffs and spires are predominantly made of Cutler Formation sandstone from the Permian period of around 160 million years ago. Volcanic action also created some of the formations in Monument Valley, such as Chiastla Butte and Agathla Peak.

The landscape overwhelms, not just by its beauty but also by its size.  The fragile pinnacles of rock are surrounded by miles of mesas and buttes, shrubs, trees and windblown sand, all comprising the magnificent colors of the valley.  All of this harmoniously combines to make Monument Valley a truly wondrous experience.   We hope you enjoy learning about the history of Monument Valley during your visit to our homelands!

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